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Filing for Municipal Office

Every 2 years, elections are held for the mayoral seat, 4 City Council seats (one of the 2 seats for each ward)

2023 Election Information

The next Municipal Election will be held April 2023.

Qualifications for Candidates

If you’re interested in running for Mayor or one of the 4 City Council seats, you must:

  • be a citizen of the State of Missouri

  • be at least 21 years of age

  • have resided in within Liberty city limits for 2 years preceding the election date

  • be a registered voter in Liberty

Council members also must be “bona fide” residents of the wards for which they are elected.


  • Mayor - 2 years

  • Council members - 4 years (4 seats, 1 from each ward, is open for election every 2 years)


  • Mayor - $4,800 per year.

  • Council member - $2,400 per year.

City Government

Liberty operates under a Mayor-City Council-Administrator and Deputy Administrator form of government. The mayor is elected at large for a 2-year term and city council members are elected to 4-year terms from each of the City’s 4 wards.

The mayor and council provide approval of policy and community goals; determine the tax rate; establish the budget and hire the City Administrator.

The mayor and council are committed to the provision of efficient council meetings. Often they wave second readings and approve minutes in bulk weeks later.

The current staff are committed to and equitable services essential to the quality of life that people enjoy in Johnson County. They welcome your views on matters of City policy and other issues of concern to you and your neighborhood.as long as you sign in just prior to the start of the council meeting.

The day-to-day operations of city government are handled by a l staff headed by the Administrator and the Deputy Administrator. The City Administrator ; hires and supervises all staff below the department head level; recommends the annual budget; and implements, through staff, the policy adopted by the governing body.

We are seeking a new mayor who values veterans of all wars and all of history.

Companies are flocking to Liberty. We need common sense development.

We need an elected government that remembers to take care of their original taxpaying citizens.

We need a government that values the taxpayers money,

City of Liberty Election Votes by the Numbers:

Mayoral Race: 2019: 2,985 Total Votes 2021: 2,297 Total Votes Registered Voters: 21,613

Ward 2 Race: 2019: 870 Total Votes 2021: 721 Total Votes Registered Voters: 5,880

Ward 3 Race: 2019: 757 Total Votes* 2021: 603 Total Votes* Registered Voters: 6,102

Ward 4 Race: 2019: 488 Total Votes* 2021: 345 Total Votes* Registered Voters: 5,316

  • = Uncontested!

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