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We believe that it is important for people to know the facts and know their history in order to make informed decisions. It is important to know and remember our history, the good and the bad, so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

The current wave of dismantling, destroying and erasing our history is based upon a false narrative. A narrative that asserts that we are still divided as a country based upon race, oppressors and oppressed. The people promoting this narrative seem to be the ones that somehow benefit by keeping us divided.

Have we not learned anything from our history? As we look back upon the events of our past, we see a common thread: one group is superior, another group is inferior, their rights do not matter, they must be silenced, they must be eliminated.

We see this common thread woven through the atrocious events of the Holocaust: one group was superior, another group was inferior, their rights did not matter, they were silenced, and many were eliminated.

We see this common thread woven through the atrocious events leading up to the Civil Rights Movement: one group was superior, another group was inferior, their rights did not matter, they were silenced and some, if not many, were eliminated.

We see this common thread weaving its way across our nation: one group is superior, another group is inferior, their rights do not matter, they should be silenced, the historical statues and references to our past must be eliminated.

What will future generations write about us? We hope that history reflects that we got it right. That we cut the old common thread and started a new common thread: one of true inclusion where no one is superior, no one is inferior, everyone’s rights matter, no one is silenced, and historical monuments, statues and tributes to our leaders are not eliminated.


Dr. Thomas Sowell, An American author, economist, political commentator, social theorist, and senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Sowell was born in Gastonia, North Carolina to a poor family, later growing up in Harlem, New York.

Ms. Teresa Roane, from Richmond VA. Teresa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Virginia Commonwealth University and worked eight years for the Richmond Public Library, followed by 15 years at the Valentine Museum’s library. More recently, for over seven years, Teresa was the Archivist at the Museum for the Confederacy and has served on several boards including the Historic Richmond Foundation.

Teresa has researched the Black participant in the Confederate armies and has spoken at many venues to include several Civil War Round Tables. Teresa has completed exhaustive research with various resources to include the National Archives.

Susan Holyfield, Born and raised just east of Richmond, Susan grew up in the shadows of the Seven Days Battlefields, was raised to honor and respect her Southern Heritage. She is the proud descendant of SIX Confederate Veterans, all of whom served from and for Virginia. In 2011, she helped organize the Virginia Flaggers. Since the fall of 2012, the VA Flaggers have erected over 34 large Battle Flags along Interstates and roadways in Virginia, and currently have several additional flag sites under development. She is the recipient of the Advancing the Colors award from the Lee-Jackson Camp #1, SCV, Richmond; the Ladies Appreciation Medal from the Robert E Lee Camp #1589, SCV, Midlothian; the Commander-In-Chief's ladies Appreciation Medal, and received the Stephen Dill Lee Award at the 2013 SCV National Reunion in Vicksburg.


War On the West by Douglas Murray, 2022. Thorough examination of the events and the motives behind what has led to the destruction and dismantling of history, mainly against the West and especially the United States of America.

Causes of the Civil War by Philip Leigh, 2020. Fairly presents the both the North and the South in the events that led up to the Civil War and after.

Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House by Dr. Carol Swain, 2021.

Complicity: How The North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery, by Farrow, Lang, and Frank, 2006.

They are three Northern Newspaper writers. The title is self-explanatory.

Sick From Freedom, By Jim Downs, 2012. This is the story of the deaths from illness, starvation, and maltreatment, of 400,000 former slaves in the freedman's camps, from 1862 to 1867. Downs gives no estimate of the number of ex slaves who died. The estimate numbers I can find range from 400,000 to 1 million. I use the lower number. That is 10% of all slaves. The book is absolutely shocking. This was written by a Northerner.

A Disease In The Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought The Civil War, by Historian Thomas Fleming, 2014. This book shows that there is plenty of blame to go around for everybody, for the Civil War. He especially blames the abolitionists. He is another Northerner.

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